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Black Model Y on Carbon Fiber for Tesla Model Y Aftermarket Chrome Delete Performance BORINGmod

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MIDNIGHT Carbon Fiber Black Edition.

We designed this Model Y frame for those who just love a dark clean sinister look without the need to promote any specific brand and give a subtle nod to your minimalistic ride. Think Batman.. think black Lambo.. think CLEAN and veryyyyyyy quiet as the black text is hardly visible but still can be seen with a glimmer of the sun. okay okay.. The text is hard to see but that was by design. I’m an artist dam it!

The carbon fiber is matte and its Printed, no stickers and completely 100% custom and this is not a Tesla product.

* 100% Feedback Seller with one year warranty
* FREE Shipping from Cali. Our units come quick once made.
* We are a proud vendor and make plates for Tesla Motor Club members =)
* Plates are all AFTERMARKET and non OEM

WHY Pay? This is 2x the Cost of ones on Ebay / Alibaba because - 1. Material is real 100% CARBON FIBER / lighter than cheap AmaSon / eN@y ones 2. Handmade custom. You are paying me for my time to get them UV printed in a hot garage.. ice cold west coast hazy IPAs cost $ and ill be dammed if i get dehydrated. Safety first! 3. This Printer i’m using cost as much as my first Civic Dx.

We focus on what makes a Company last - 3 BORING promises - Design, Quality, and Customer service.

Design - We are inspired by Franz Tesla’s chief designer who believes in a design language that focuses on modern, simple and clean. We try to make products that meet this design focus. We love design, so if you have an idea, we are all ears. Remember we customized products too.

Quality - We sourced the Carbon Fiber blank plate from the same manufacturer as McLaren uses for their 200k super cars. Yes, we only wanted the Best. You will not find these rare plates anywhere!! Why you ask??! Well, we spent a year looking for them and couldn’t find it so we made it ourselves. The performance models have carbon fiber trim yet no accessories! We couldn’t stand mismatched items and we love consistent design Especially for our Dream cars. We are only selling a select number of these and each will be hand made. We taking our time on these so place your orders in now as we already have waiting list.

Customer Service Guarantee - If you are unhappy in the first year, please email or contact us and we will make it right. No need for any other conditions or fine print as they take too long to type.

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