Black Tesla Metal License Plate Frame 4 Hole Matte Satin, Aftermarket

Black Tesla Metal License Plate Frame 4 Hole Matte Satin, Aftermarket

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Finally it’s here after an entire year of getting them made. These aftermarket Tesla style frames and Similar to the silver oem frame but powder coated Satin Black to match the window trim and made with a  heavier more durable non rust aluminum metal.  This metal frame will NOT block any state stickers and has built in foam pads to prevent rattling and scratches. These frames are special ordered by Boringmod so it’s an exclusive and supply chain issues are making it harder to get. I’m not sure they will even last to next quarter. Frames will not come customized, its been hard to get someone to help and just getting the frames were difficult. You can always get very cheap custom stickers on Etsy wink wink or use your GFs cricut - Order now as supplies are limited.


Classic Satin Matte Black - recommend for black cars to ensure contrast finishes. This will match your oem window trim. Matte is by far the most popular finish.

The plates you buy are not cheap.. so trust me your plates will look as nice your new ride. You didn't skimp in buying a Tesla and I won't skimp on getting you the best frames. I dont buy cheap beers and I will be dammed to make cheap frames! Okay that has no real correlation, but you get it. I love quality. 

Why I recommend - you have the most tech advanced car buy the most advanced frame!

* EXCLUSIVE BORINGMOD product and Vetted by Tesla Motor Club Members. 

* Does NOT BLOCK state stickers or wording which is illegal per most State law.

* Frame has built in PADS to prevent rattling. * Teslas are QUIET, so any noise or vibration is very bad and just cheap. Don't risk using a cheap frame and also scratching your paint. Metal on metal is no bueno, don’t skimp and buy cheap non-padded frames that only have 2 screw connections.


1. Do we provide screws or caps? No - Manufactures provide OEM screws so please use them to ensure you are using the correct screws. Using wrong screws can result in damage, so it’s best to simply use the screws they provide. No, Tesla oem screws are very short at 5mm and not designed for extra space of washers. I also prefer you not losing your actual plate.

2. Price is for 1 License Plate frame. OEM ones are $40 bucks and these frames you wont find anywhere else. These are not the cheap frames you find on ebay or Amazon. 

3. How do I install it? 1. Slide your state metal license plate into the slot of the frame on the side. Think of it like a taco but you load it on the side. Once your taco is assembled, Line up your frame with the 4 installation screw holes in your car and use your oem screws. You can also youtube it as well, explaining how to install frames can be difficult. 

6. Where is the frame made? They are designed and Shipped from Cali. Original frames are made in China but I reject 30% of frames if they don’t meet my spec requirements.  This also why my prices are higher, if it's not good for my car, I will ship it back. The manufacturing facility makes the same frames for Maclaren and Ferrari so if it's good enough for those supercars, I think it's good enough for our beloved Tesla.

7. Are these frames made by TESLA? NO, these are aftermarket customized frames. We are not endorsed by Tesla. Frames are made for Tesla Car Clubs and other Tesla owners who want a custom product. 

8. Service Guarantee? If you are unhappy in the first year, please email or contact us and we will make it right. No need for any other conditions or fine print. That's how much we believe in our Frames. 

9. Durability - Yes, it's durable but it's not Kevlar so if your black trim can fade from auto car washes so can these frames, just treat it with some WD40 and a soft cloth you will be ok. Please also stop taking your work car into a touchless wash as the chemicals are evil!, Wash your own car with 2 buckets and use it some much-needed self care/meditation time, you deserve it!

Required California’s Proposition 65 warning - This product contains compounds that may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. Sorry its habit, everything in life has fine print just like the thousands of rules that are on your car.