Black Tesla MODEL Y 3 X Y on Black License Plate Frame, Fits Tesla, Blank

Black Tesla MODEL Y 3 X Y on Black License Plate Frame, Fits Tesla, Blank

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THE COOLEST BLACK MODEL Y S X 3 FRAME ON THE MARKET! These are similar to Tesla OEM But higher quality stronger metal and powder coated, Black!! Yes a simple concept but we wanted to make sure you got what you wanted! 

* The best aftermarket frames Period.

* Exclusive Product

* Blank and Minimalistic just like your EV! Trust me everyone know what kind of Model you have. you are free to always customize the frame yourself with durable vinyl stickers. I recommend supporting Etsy sellers. 

*similar to the oem style so it doesn’t block any state stickers and padded to prevent rattling! Tesla is a very quiet car so don’t ruin your experience with a license plate frame that can rattle. 


1. Do we provide screws? No - Manufactures provide OEM screws so please use them to ensure you are using the correct screws. Using wrong screws can result in damage, so it’s best to simply use the screws they provide.

2. Do you provide screw caps? No, oem frames don’t have caps as the screws are only 6mm it’s not long enough for washers and caps.

3. How do I install it? 1.slide your metal frame via the horizontal side and then use the pads of the BORINGMOD frame against your actual car to screw. 

4. Are the frames rust proof?, Yes Rust Proof 1 year warranty. Any issues within 1 year just send an email I’ll take care of it, scouts promise!