Tesla Black Model Y Performance _ Underline Red on Matte Carbon Fiber license plate frame Dual Motor BORINGmod
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Tesla Black Model Y Performance _ Underline Red on Matte Carbon Fiber license plate frame Dual Motor BORINGmod

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This is our new MIDNIGHT Carbon Fiber Black series plates. We designed this frame for those who just love a dark clean sinister look without the need to promote any specific brand and give a subtle nod to your ride. Think Batman.. think black Lambo.. think CLEAN and veryyyyyyy quiet as the black text is hardly visible but still can be seen with a glimmer of the sun. What is clear is the BOLD underline. Just in case someone foolishly thinks they can take you off the line and all they see is The underline Red so they know they beat by a Performance dual motor Model Y.

The text Mode Y hard to see but that was by design! Subtle and just cool. The matte carbon frame matches the Carbon Fiber wing.

*Update orders are shipping out 1-2 Days now (Free Prime Shipping) Once sold out, which has happened 4x already you will wait a month for supplies. If you want it, just order as it helps me plan out my supply chain. Working smarter and not harder is what Elon likes!

WHY Pay? This is 2x the Cost of ones on Ebay / Alibaba because - 1. Material is real 100% CARBON FIBER / better than cheaper Amazon / Ebay


1. Do we provide screws? No - Manufactures provide OEM screws so please use them to ensure you are using the correct screws. Using wrong screws can result in damage, so it’s best to simply use the screws they provide. We do provide screw caps.

2. Do you provide screw caps? Yes - We provide Screw caps, if your plate has 2 holes you will get a set of 2, If your frame has 4 holes then you will get 4. The screw caps kit come with transparent washers which go before your screw. Screw caps are plastic. The Carbon Fiber once we tested didn't match and I recommend using screws straight to the frame with no screw caps.

3. How do I install it? 1. First place your state metal license plate into the rear of the license plate frame, you will see 2 grooves in the rear of the frame. 2. Line up your frame with the 2 installation screw holes in your car. 3. Screw to Plastic Clear Washer -> Frame -> License Plate -> Car. 3. Snap on the black covers at the end.

4. Do I have to use screw caps? No, its a preference.

5. Are the frames rust proof?, Yes Rust Proof 1 year warranty. Ps.. Carbon Fiber doesnt rust but yah any issues within 1 year ill cover :)

6. Where the frame created? They are modified in California and Shipped from Cali.

7. Do I have to pay tax? Yes... of course you do! Unless you have a resellers license and want to purchase bulk, we can skip taxes on purchases.

8. Why Do are we called BORINGMOD? Making Black frames is something I wanted as I was annoyed no one made one. It’s very a VERY BORINGMOD but to me it’s like a watch you wear. It’s all in the details.

9. Why do I charge higher?I selected higher quality plates from a Local California plate supplier as they were much heavier than the plates we saw on Amazon, Ebay, Alibaba sellers. We wanted quality. We tried over 20 different plates before selecting this Aluminum. Other sellers are selling plates with stickers, this is laser or UV printed and won’t wash off whereas other sellers are putting stickers that peel off.

10. Service Guarantee? If you are unhappy in the first year, please email or contact us and we will make it right. No need for any other conditions or fine print. That's how much we believe in our Frames.

Required California’s Proposition 65 warning - This product contains compounds that may cause cancer, birth defects, or reproductive harm. Sorry its habit, everything in life has fine print just like the thousands of rules that are on your car.